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Be part of making Notes better


We believe that writing is a magical form of expression. We wanted to create a place that does justice for holding people's content, and that lets them easily and elegantly express themselves. So we made Notes. We think it can be the best app for doing just that. And you can help us get there.

We're looking for:

UX, UI, Icon

A Programmer

Qt - C++, Mobile Dev

Writing code is not less magical than writing a poem or a story. There's an incredible satisfaction in turning ideas into something useful like an app that actually works and people love. Building tools for ourselves is what we humans have always done and with Notes we're doing just that - building a great tool to empower people to do great things.


We need someone who knows all about the greatest and latest technologies, who can't go sleep at night if the code isn't just as beautifully crafted as the look of the app, and who care so much about delivering a great user experience for our users that he'll put all of his efforts to make sure everything's is just right.


The best way to start programming for our project is to try to implement/solve some of our open issues on Github.


For our Desktop App


Our desktop app is built on Qt, using C++. 

Qt allows us to make our app cross-platform. Qt's simplicity, robustness, and native performance are the reasons we think it's a great tool.


We have some great plans for the future direction of Notes. You can get a sense of them by checking our Wiki. You can also see our upcoming releases in our Projects on Github , or all of our open issues .



For Mobile App


Help us make a mobile app for Notes. We want to be able to record our thoughts right when, and where, it hits us, and sometimes, it happens outside or when we're not near our computers.


If you think you can help us, join our Gitter chat so we can discuss the best way to approach it for our app.



You can chat with us on Gitter, or contact us by email:

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