Team Board

Hello there team member. Here we gonna talk about the current state of Notes and its future direction. Here are some key lessons to be learned from the journey to release version 1.0.0 for our future versions:


1. More professional. Notes needs to be more tailored to the specific OS it's running on, it should have a more professional looking icon and UI, better fonts (for each OS), etc...


2. Faster progress. We should decrease the Feedback Gap - I thought about having a weekly skype call to talk about the state of the project and what needs to be done next. Also, we're moving to Slack as our chat messaging platform. And hopefully, more people would come on board to join our team.


3. Meet people needs. Does it lack some features or doesn't look/behave the way people would like it to be? We may want to do a survey of what people think about Notes, what they like, what they don't, what they want, get feedback from people (syncing and a mobile app seems to be quite important).


4. Innovate. Look at our future plans, look at inspirations from other apps, come up with new ideas and create mockups and discuss them.


5. Easy conversion from other apps like Evernote, etc...



 - Ruby Mamistvalove (nuttyartist)


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