A place for great ideas.


Notes is designed for whatever’s on your mind.

Jot down your thoughts.


There is something wonderful in writing.

We believe it's the ability of words to create emotional, inspiring and thrilling stories.

Notes was created on top of that belief.

It's your place of expressing yourself.



With Markdown you can create beautifully formatted notes without lifting your hands from the keyboard.



Windows 10

Write your thoughts right when it hits you.

Notes is always in the background, waiting for a thought to hit you. Use:


to summon Notes instantly

Search at the speed of light.

With instantaneous search you will find what you're looking for right away.

Auto Save.

With Auto Save no crash will take your thoughts away from you.

And 'ctrl-s' is part of the past.


Notes is working on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + N           Create a new note


Ctrl + D           Delete selected note


Ctrl + F           Select the 'Search' box


Ctrl + E           Erase the text in 'Search' box


Ctrl + L           Set focus on notes list


Ctrl + Down     Set focus on notes list and

                       select one note down


Ctrl + Up         Set focus on notes list and

                       select one note Up

Down                 Select one note down


Up                     Select one note up


Enter                 Set focus on the selected

                         note content


Ctrl + Shift + F   Switch to fullscreen


Ctrl + Shift + L   Maximize the application


Ctrl + Shift + M  Minimize the application


Ctrl + Q             Quit the application

While using Notes you can be sure that every detail was meticulously chosen. Every decision, from the place of one pixel, to a new feature, was chosen with the goal in mind of making the best tool for you. And we'll keep on doing that.


These people are magicians, they make ideas come to life. 

Thank you!

Ali Diouri. Ali revamped all the code of Notes from the ground up. He made everything tick. Thanks to him, Notes is one of the fastest and reliable apps on our computers.


Thorbjørn Lindeijer. Thorbjørn improved our packaging generation system and made sure many bugs are fixed.


Waqar integrated the beautiful Markdown formatting into Notes. He also made sure that what you search for gets highlighted nicely.

Alex Spataru. Thanks to Alex updating Notes is extremely easy and seamless across many different operating systems.

David Planella. David made Notes available as a Snap package, so Linux users could enjoy the easy and safe way to install the app across different distros.

Kevin Doyle. Kevin created the beautiful icon of Notes.


Ruby Mamistvalove. Founded and created the first version of Notes.

Stay tuned on Notes's progress. No spam, ever.