My name is Ruby Mamistvalove. I started working on Notes 5 years ago. I believe that writing is a magical form of expression. I wanted to create a place that does justice for holding people's content, and that lets them easily and elegantly express themselves. So I made Notes. I think it can be the best app for doing just that. And you can help me get there.

There's incredible satisfaction in turning ideas into something useful like an app that works and people love. Building tools for ourselves is what we humans have always done and with Notes, we're doing just that - building a great tool to empower people to do great things.

I decided to open-source the project since I believe in the power of people all over the world, working together to create something great under a shared vision. I also believe in sharing knowledge, so anyone that learns from a piece of code, or the process of shipping/creating a refined product means a great deal to me.


About me


I dropped from high-school to work on my projects. Usually, I'd make the first version of a software by myself to attract people to work with, so we can create something much bigger together. Then, I'd take the role of orchestrating the development under a shared vision, creating something beautiful from the inside (code) and out (usefulness).

My publicly available projects are an AI sidekick called Deus and Notes. If you'd like to support my work you can become a supporter on Patreon.

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