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Version 1.5.0 released!

This release brings many improvements to our first version, including:

  • Markdown formatting.

  • Highlighted search.

  • Option for a native window frame.

  • Minor aesthetic changes.

  • Many bug fixes.

Also, we're happy to announce that Notes has been downloaded more than half a million times! And counting! More than the numbers, it is the emails we get from people about how Notes been a great tool for them. This is what truly matters to us.

Version 2.0.0 is going to be packed with some new features (folders and tags among them). Stay tuned. Take a sneak peek here:

I want to thank all the amazing contributors that helped get to this release: @theshadowx, @bjorn, @Waqar144, @probonopd, @Plonq, @b00f, @Ctipsy, @torbei (all Github users). Thank you all so much! Together, we created a great place for people to put their thoughts in. And we're doing it in a cross-platform and open-source way, without compromising quality.

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