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Version 2.2.1 released!

A new release is here with many bug fixes and improvements. To sustain and further our commitment to exceptional app development, we have transitioned to a subscription-based pricing model for the Pro version.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Resolved a conflict within the Kanban interface: previously, editing a task would not conclude if a separate task was concurrently edited

  • Addressed an issue where editing was mistakenly permitted within the editor while the Trash folder was active

  • Fixed bug where icons didn't show up on some Linux distributions

  • Corrected an inconsistency where icons were not displayed on certain Linux distributions

  • Resolved display issues of specific windows on Ubuntu 23.04

  • Addressed an issue with the Editor Settings window failing to appear on Qt 5.12.2

  • For Pro users, the 'Pro' label within the Editor Settings has been made redundant and is now removed for a cleaner interface

I want to thank the amazing people who contributed to this release! Thank you all. We have big plans for the future of Notes. We aim to make Notes, not just the best open-source note-taking app but the best note-taking app, period.

Join our Discord for discussions, and feel free to email us. We love to hear from our users.


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