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Version 2.0.0 released!

A new release is here with major new features and many bug fixes and improvements.

New features:

  • Folders and tags. Organize your ideas hierarchically using nested folders and universally using tags.

  • Pinned notes. Pin your most important notes at the top of each folder.

  • Different themes. Switch between Light, Dark, and Sepia.

  • Editor settings window. Change between different fonts and change the size/width of your text.

  • Feed View. Select multiple notes to see them all one after another in the editor.

  • Option to change the database path, so you can more easily sync your notes with a cloud provider.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Now support native macOS look and feel. The window frame is native and therefore supports snapping it to all sides of the screen. As well as the native shadowing by the os. "Control" + n now works to summon Notes from everywhere so you can instantly write down your thoughts.

  • A bug that used to cause the app to lag during a search is now fixed.

  • The TextEdit scrollBar is now in the right place.

  • Many other small improvements.

We have big dreams for Notes. See here. Be part of the discussion, or even better, decide to take on a long-term project to implement one of the new ideas.

Support the project

If you believe in the idea of creating the best note-taking app, fully open source and cross-platform, you can either help out by contributing code (most important), being part of the discussions, or by contributing money. You can contribute money to specific issues you want to be solved with Bountysource, or you can sponsor the project so we can recruit developers for a faster release cycle, faster bug solving, and faster new feature implementations.

Numbers and Emails

Also, we're happy to announce that Notes has been downloaded more than a million times! And counting! More than the numbers, it is the emails we get from people about how Notes been a great tool for them. This is what truly matters to us.


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